What a security expert can teach you about advertising

What a security expert can teach you about advertising

My name is Mitch, I am the owner of The Social Hawk – a social media marketing agency.
I come from a background in security, ever since I was a kid. My father was a security director for North America for a large company and taught me since a young age how to succeed in security. This included teaching me how to interview suspects, how to minimize safety incidents, and how to save unnecessary expenses.

I have made my way up in the ranks, starting as a security guard, getting a degree in Homeland Security, to a series of events and jobs leading to at the age of 23 becoming security director for the contiguous United States at a large retailer. When you work security in retail, it is almost entirely about money. Although safety is important, everything can be simplified to money. For example:

  • Decrease of safety incidents results in a decrease of workers’ compensation and paid time off
  • Decrease in shoplifting directly results in saved money
  • Better cash handling processes increases the profitability of a company
  • Better receiving processes reduces the money lost on inbound shipments
  • Decrease of lawsuits results in a decrease of legal expenses

What I focus on is called “shrink” and profitability. Is the company maintaining its profits and reducing what is called shrink. Shrink is basically the loss of merchandise or cash due to a number of factors. A company can only have more money based on two theories:

  1. Make more money
  2. Lose less money

The easiest of the two is the latter. Cut your expenses. You already know what your expenses are and most likely can figure out where you are losing money; or where there is not a return on investment (ROI). My job has always been proving an ROI; from installing a new security device to reduce shoplifters to changing a policy to increase the safety levels in the company – my main goal was to prove an ROI. So think really hard right now, are you getting an ROI from your advertising methods? Do you even know? Think about that for a second, do you even know how much your advertising campaign is giving back to you? If I had to guess, most companies have absolutely no idea how much their marketing campaign is making them.

So lets start thinking of advertising totally different than normal. Instead of thinking optimistically how much money advertising can make you – think of how much money you can save with social media marketing. We can actually prove an ROI, show how many customers we are bringing you, and even show how much money we are bringing in. Instead of the normal advertising or marketing company, our goal is not to make a buck or try to get you more money. Our goal is bilateral – make you the most money while costing you the least, or in other words – provide the highest ROI you can find.

Who doesn’t want to make more money and lose less? Nobody.

So if you are looking into making more money and losing less – let us help and sign up for our free business audit at:

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