Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors


Social Media Marketing
for the Average Chiropractor

Are you a chiropractor that is battling the larger chiropractic companies on a daily basis? Many of these larger companies have the budget to advertise on the regular. If you are a smaller practice, you may not even have the budget to do simple advertising and are probably looking for free methods to advertise your practice.

Let’s visit what most smaller chiropractic practices are doing now to get their free advertising and marketing.

Facebook Content Marketing

Most smaller chiropractic practices understand the benefit of social media and that it is the new word of mouth. I will not even really hit on why social media is so important to smaller practices.

Content marketing is the simple idea of consistently posting content on facebook or other platforms. Content marketing alone is a great plan, but it is not enough. Giving content to your social media follower helps with one thing mainly – customer retention. The issue here is that new customers are not following you and do not know who you are – so they do not see your content.

Content marketing works and helps to retain people to your content but there is an intrinsic problem with content marketing alone – how do you get more people interested or involved? There needs to be more action involved to get more people to like you and more people to find you. After facebook content marketing, lets talk about the one single thing that nearly every chiropractor does in hopes of finding more customers.

Having a Website

Having a website is arguably the necessary start that every chiropractor needs to get an online following. The average chiropractor will get a small amount of organic traffic online just because they are accredited and have a location. Having a website it absolutely great and can easily be used to gain more customers. Think about it: anybody who inquires something specific like “chiropractor near me” into a search engine is already prepared to go in and become a customer. Getting the ranking on google or yahoo is incredibly beneficial to the small practices, but paying for SEO based services (Search Engine Optimization) is generally out of reach for the smaller practices. This is the vicious circle of marketing – do not want to spend the money to rank better but needs to rank better to make more money.

I am not advocating getting SEO services or anything although that could definitely help. I am only advocating to ensure that you have a website that is designed properly and allows your customers to find you when specifically searching for you. In terms of gaining more customers, there are more cost effective ways to get the word out than by paying for SEO services or paying for google adwords.


What the Average Chiropractor SHOULD be Doing

Now that we have talked about what most chiropractors are doing, it is because they intrinsically know, as good business people, that they need a website and that they should write content on facebook. So the real question is what “extra” measures should chiropractors be taking to gain more customers. For the chiropractors I know, the key is getting them in the door. When the customer comes in the door, they will be sold on the services. So the questions remains – what to do to get them in the door?

The answer is fairly simple, you need to get your word out to followers from somebody with authority. The problem is, chiropractic care is boring to the average consumer – they don’t want an ad or to read a testimonial on chiropractic care. So the question is, how do you get somebody to read about it and be interested? Write your story, everything relies on a story. Do you have a story of how you became a chiropractor and why it is a great practice for you. People buy a person when looking for chiropractors. They go to the doctor they feel is the best and has the best story. Once you get those customers to look at your business, you need to hook-line-and sinker them. Get them with your story – do video, images, and prose.

The second part to the answer is actually getting them to look at your story. How can you get people to look at your story when you are a chiropractor and most people do not want to read your ads? An influencer with a ton of authority. This can be anybody who is body related. You do not want to go to a popular gamer in your area because gamers are not going to get an adjustment… but there are two groups of people that will: Moms and athletes.

First lets talk about moms. Find a momma blogger or a mom that has a large following of other moms with a business of some sort. Moms need some pampering and an adjustment makes you feel so much better. Get the mom to advertise your services to their following for a free adjustment. Basically, you are giving them an adjustment in exchange for sharing a testimonial. The same idea goes to athletes. Find a professional athlete, like a Louisville City soccer player or a college football player and do the same thing, an adjustment for exposure and a testimonial. Those stars will almost always have a large following of interested people and a testimonial from them could easily show people how effective you are.

The only other ways to get traffic from potential customers is ads. Use ads that only pay when you get a click. That way you are not paying for an ad before it gives you a return! You pay when you get a lead! Facebook advertising is extremely effective at this and can be targeted to people who are interested. If you can leverage social media, you will succeed.

How to Get People To Do the Exchange

Now you all are going to ask, well how do I go about getting them to do it for me? Simple, follow their pages – start gaining a small meaningless relationship with them, commenting and liking their posts, and then approach them with the opportunity. Do not just send them an email. You have to sell them on the opportunity – follow up. Call them, offer to meet up and treat them to lunch. Ask open ended questions: When would be the best time to meet up for lunch?

If you need any help getting people to agree and meet up with you, that is why I am here.

My goal is to help the average small business gain customers. I have been helped by many of you and I know how amazing you can be although you are drowning in the business of your large competitors. My goal is to get you on their level.


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