Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

Social Media Marketing
for Car Dealerships

Are you a Car Dealership that is looking to expand your business? Sometimes, those mega dealerships can begin to cause some issues, but do not fret because many of even the biggest car dealerships do not utilize and harness the power of social media marketing. Many of you are probably still using the older styles of advertising, like radio or T.V. The problem with those is that they are not targeted at all. Targeted means that you are focusing on specific people for advertising and most advertising channels do not offer this kind of flexibility. Lets start with social media page creation. Not many customers other than enthusiasts or very wealthy people will be interested in new release and real-time information although this avenue could really assist with customer service, retention, and repeat customers. So I would definitely suggest creating pages on the various social media pages like: facebook, twitter, google +, and for a car dealership: YouTube.

Facebook Marketing

So how can you leverage Facebook? Well you can definitely begin with page creation and facebook will probably be the most beneficial for customer service, communication and retention. Most of all, facebook allows you to expand your YouTube impression. Cars are all about the feel. Do you like the look of it? Do you like how it sounds? How does it make you feel? When you get out of the car at a grocery store, do you look back at the car just because you like it so much?

The best thing about facebook marketing is their advertising capabilities. With facebook advertising, you can really target the people most likely to convert to customers for you; which minimizes your cost. For example, are you selling a $50,000 BMW? Well, you can target people who make more than $75,000/year, interested in luxury, and is likely to buy a car made within the last 3 years. The possibilities are endless. So let me tell you this, no other advertising technique is as cost effective as facebook advertising.

Twitter/Google+ Marketing

Twitter marketing is best for retention and communication to your current customers. One of the best ways to gain new customers is to have a fantastic customer service department. You can do real time information, new releases, and customer communications with twitter. The advertising methods are fairly non-existent but twitter allows you to really create a large following to increase your repeat customer count.

Google+ helps with your main search engine optimization. Google searches offer the best way to access customers who are already primed for purchase. For example, somebody who google searches “new Porsche dealerships” is likely to visit a porsche dealership and you want yours to be at the top of the list. Easiest way to get new customers is to be where they are – although most of the time you have to put yourself out there.

YouTube Marketing

Good old YouTube – the second most used search engine on the internet. YouTube is fantastic for use with car dealerships because it really enables you to show what the car truly is, how it makes you feel. A car is all about how it makes you feel. Does the car make you feel good? If so, then its much more likely they will purchase it. So I would really suggest getting into filming videos of cars, new acquisitions and new releases because somebody car shopping will usually end up on YouTube now to look up a review. Image and video are the two best ways of advertising now.

Image and Video

I really hope you understood the emphasis on video and image from the last paragraph. Images and video are the most effective ways to market cars. People react emotionally to images and videos. So please, invest in a camera for images and video and enable that camera with a good microphone and lighting. The only thing worse than not advertising with YouTube is advertising badly with YouTube.


My goal is to help the average small business gain customers. I am an absolute car enthusiast and the mega dealerships can cause a large problem for the smaller dealerships. My goal is to get you on their level.




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