What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing

So, some of you all may have seen a pattern in a couple of my posts involving something called “influencers”. Influencers can easily be the differentiating factor between a good social media marketing plan and a mediocre one. Most people talk about social media marketing as facebook and instagram ads. The reality is there is so much more to social media marketing than only facebook and instagram ads. Although those ads can easily help with your marketing plan, they are not everything. The sole groundwork of social media marketing is good content. Once you have good content, you have to share it.

How would you share it? Pay for ads at pay per click? Buy your followers? Or better yet… use somebody who already has thousands of followers in your specific niche?

Hint. That last one is the right answer – especially if it is in combination with some of the other followers. So lets take a small Ford car dealership in Georgia for example. Facebook ads will definitely help because of how much you can target your audience. But an influencer could easily bring a ton of traffic to you all. So lets say that a local car enthusiast with a following of over 10,000 people on every social media platform posts a review on one of your cars. Well now you have approximately 40,000 people looking at one of your vehicles. These people are highly targeted followers and many of them are likely looking to purchase new vehicles.

Another example, same car dealership. You have a minivan for sale, it has been on the lot forever but it is actually a great car. So you get a momma blogger in the area to look at it and post it on their blog – you may be able to get rid of it easily and quickly.

Influencer Marketing is extremely powerful. It needs to be utilized more often, people often have businesses built solely around creating a following. Use them!

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