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What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing

So, some of you all may have seen a pattern in a couple of my posts involving something called “influencers”. Influencers can easily be the differentiating factor between a good social media marketing plan and a mediocre one. Most people talk about social media marketing as facebook and instagram ads. The reality is there is so much more to social media marketing than only facebook and instagram ads. Although those ads can easily help with your marketing plan, they are not everything. The sole groundwork of social media marketing is good content. Once you have good content, you have to share it.

How would you share it? Pay for ads at pay per click? Buy your followers? Or better yet… use somebody who already has thousands of followers in your specific niche?

Hint. That last one is the right answer – especially if it is in combination with some of the other followers. So lets take a small Ford car dealership in Georgia for example. Facebook ads will definitely help because of how much you can target your audience. But an influencer could easily bring a ton of traffic to you all. So lets say that a local car enthusiast with a following of over 10,000 people on every social media platform posts a review on one of your cars. Well now you have approximately 40,000 people looking at one of your vehicles. These people are highly targeted followers and many of them are likely looking to purchase new vehicles.

Another example, same car dealership. You have a minivan for sale, it has been on the lot forever but it is actually a great car. So you get a momma blogger in the area to look at it and post it on their blog – you may be able to get rid of it easily and quickly.

Influencer Marketing is extremely powerful. It needs to be utilized more often, people often have businesses built solely around creating a following. Use them!

Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

Social Media Marketing
for Car Dealerships

Are you a Car Dealership that is looking to expand your business? Sometimes, those mega dealerships can begin to cause some issues, but do not fret because many of even the biggest car dealerships do not utilize and harness the power of social media marketing. Many of you are probably still using the older styles of advertising, like radio or T.V. The problem with those is that they are not targeted at all. Targeted means that you are focusing on specific people for advertising and most advertising channels do not offer this kind of flexibility. Lets start with social media page creation. Not many customers other than enthusiasts or very wealthy people will be interested in new release and real-time information although this avenue could really assist with customer service, retention, and repeat customers. So I would definitely suggest creating pages on the various social media pages like: facebook, twitter, google +, and for a car dealership: YouTube.

Facebook Marketing

So how can you leverage Facebook? Well you can definitely begin with page creation and facebook will probably be the most beneficial for customer service, communication and retention. Most of all, facebook allows you to expand your YouTube impression. Cars are all about the feel. Do you like the look of it? Do you like how it sounds? How does it make you feel? When you get out of the car at a grocery store, do you look back at the car just because you like it so much?

The best thing about facebook marketing is their advertising capabilities. With facebook advertising, you can really target the people most likely to convert to customers for you; which minimizes your cost. For example, are you selling a $50,000 BMW? Well, you can target people who make more than $75,000/year, interested in luxury, and is likely to buy a car made within the last 3 years. The possibilities are endless. So let me tell you this, no other advertising technique is as cost effective as facebook advertising.

Twitter/Google+ Marketing

Twitter marketing is best for retention and communication to your current customers. One of the best ways to gain new customers is to have a fantastic customer service department. You can do real time information, new releases, and customer communications with twitter. The advertising methods are fairly non-existent but twitter allows you to really create a large following to increase your repeat customer count.

Google+ helps with your main search engine optimization. Google searches offer the best way to access customers who are already primed for purchase. For example, somebody who google searches “new Porsche dealerships” is likely to visit a porsche dealership and you want yours to be at the top of the list. Easiest way to get new customers is to be where they are – although most of the time you have to put yourself out there.

YouTube Marketing

Good old YouTube – the second most used search engine on the internet. YouTube is fantastic for use with car dealerships because it really enables you to show what the car truly is, how it makes you feel. A car is all about how it makes you feel. Does the car make you feel good? If so, then its much more likely they will purchase it. So I would really suggest getting into filming videos of cars, new acquisitions and new releases because somebody car shopping will usually end up on YouTube now to look up a review. Image and video are the two best ways of advertising now.

Image and Video

I really hope you understood the emphasis on video and image from the last paragraph. Images and video are the most effective ways to market cars. People react emotionally to images and videos. So please, invest in a camera for images and video and enable that camera with a good microphone and lighting. The only thing worse than not advertising with YouTube is advertising badly with YouTube.


My goal is to help the average small business gain customers. I am an absolute car enthusiast and the mega dealerships can cause a large problem for the smaller dealerships. My goal is to get you on their level.




Marketing Lessons from Security: Guards

Marketing Lessons from Security: Guards

Security Guards have a place in the world, albeit a small one. I have used security guards multiple times for different scenarios. There are multiple issues with hiring security guards:

  1. No supervision
  2. Difficult to state post orders
  3. No accountability
  4. No return on investment

After reading those four things, you are probably thinking… What use are security guards? They have a use but I will explain that later. First, lets delve into the four points above:

No supervision… a security guard who enters your business has a post order of what to do but they do not report to anyone directly in the store. Their supervisor is out and roving and their direct branch manager is at the regional office most of the time. This leads to the second issue, difficult to state post orders. When a guard arrives, they have post order that were outlined by the hiring business. These post orders could be riddled with questions for the guard, which is not really their fault. The post orders may state “check customers receipts at the door” and the guard is probably asking numerous questions including: Do I restrain them if they do not have it, how do I approach them, what if they attack me, what if they cuss me out? So in the end, I feel for the guard because imagine you are working on a regular basis with a vague idea of what you should be doing. It is demeaning and difficult. Unfortunately this leads to the third issue which is no accountability. In business there is discipline if an employee makes a mistake or conducts themselves badly… but with a security guard there isn’t. There is only politely asking them to do differently and if they do not, they leave. That is it, like two options. Makes it very difficult to be effective when using security guards. So it benefits everybody to really emphasize what the post orders are and to write them very effectively. Lastly, and the biggest issue… they do not have a return on investment and can even potentially cause a lawsuit. An unarmed guard has no authority. They will realistically not recover any money, although they have the slightest possibility of deterring an issue (which is an ROI, but nobody can prove it). An armed guard is just asking for trouble… the guard does not have the training or the pay to be effective decision makers to be able to carry a weapon.

So what is the benefit to security guards? Pretty simple, to the average person they give an impression of control. It is viewed the area is more secure with a guard.

So what this has to do with marketing is a number of things; first, ensure that when you instruct a person to do something or you  begin something – have a plan… a blueprint. Outline every bit of it so that the person executing the plan has all of the tools to be entirely successful. The last lesson this teaches is ROI. Sometimes a return on investment will not be evident because you cannot prove it. You need to cross your T’s and dot your I’s when conducting an action to ensure that you can track the ROI for it otherwise there is hardly an argument to keep putting effort out to it.

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors


Social Media Marketing
for the Average Chiropractor

Are you a chiropractor that is battling the larger chiropractic companies on a daily basis? Many of these larger companies have the budget to advertise on the regular. If you are a smaller practice, you may not even have the budget to do simple advertising and are probably looking for free methods to advertise your practice.

Let’s visit what most smaller chiropractic practices are doing now to get their free advertising and marketing.

Facebook Content Marketing

Most smaller chiropractic practices understand the benefit of social media and that it is the new word of mouth. I will not even really hit on why social media is so important to smaller practices.

Content marketing is the simple idea of consistently posting content on facebook or other platforms. Content marketing alone is a great plan, but it is not enough. Giving content to your social media follower helps with one thing mainly – customer retention. The issue here is that new customers are not following you and do not know who you are – so they do not see your content.

Content marketing works and helps to retain people to your content but there is an intrinsic problem with content marketing alone – how do you get more people interested or involved? There needs to be more action involved to get more people to like you and more people to find you. After facebook content marketing, lets talk about the one single thing that nearly every chiropractor does in hopes of finding more customers.

Having a Website

Having a website is arguably the necessary start that every chiropractor needs to get an online following. The average chiropractor will get a small amount of organic traffic online just because they are accredited and have a location. Having a website it absolutely great and can easily be used to gain more customers. Think about it: anybody who inquires something specific like “chiropractor near me” into a search engine is already prepared to go in and become a customer. Getting the ranking on google or yahoo is incredibly beneficial to the small practices, but paying for SEO based services (Search Engine Optimization) is generally out of reach for the smaller practices. This is the vicious circle of marketing – do not want to spend the money to rank better but needs to rank better to make more money.

I am not advocating getting SEO services or anything although that could definitely help. I am only advocating to ensure that you have a website that is designed properly and allows your customers to find you when specifically searching for you. In terms of gaining more customers, there are more cost effective ways to get the word out than by paying for SEO services or paying for google adwords.


What the Average Chiropractor SHOULD be Doing

Now that we have talked about what most chiropractors are doing, it is because they intrinsically know, as good business people, that they need a website and that they should write content on facebook. So the real question is what “extra” measures should chiropractors be taking to gain more customers. For the chiropractors I know, the key is getting them in the door. When the customer comes in the door, they will be sold on the services. So the questions remains – what to do to get them in the door?

The answer is fairly simple, you need to get your word out to followers from somebody with authority. The problem is, chiropractic care is boring to the average consumer – they don’t want an ad or to read a testimonial on chiropractic care. So the question is, how do you get somebody to read about it and be interested? Write your story, everything relies on a story. Do you have a story of how you became a chiropractor and why it is a great practice for you. People buy a person when looking for chiropractors. They go to the doctor they feel is the best and has the best story. Once you get those customers to look at your business, you need to hook-line-and sinker them. Get them with your story – do video, images, and prose.

The second part to the answer is actually getting them to look at your story. How can you get people to look at your story when you are a chiropractor and most people do not want to read your ads? An influencer with a ton of authority. This can be anybody who is body related. You do not want to go to a popular gamer in your area because gamers are not going to get an adjustment… but there are two groups of people that will: Moms and athletes.

First lets talk about moms. Find a momma blogger or a mom that has a large following of other moms with a business of some sort. Moms need some pampering and an adjustment makes you feel so much better. Get the mom to advertise your services to their following for a free adjustment. Basically, you are giving them an adjustment in exchange for sharing a testimonial. The same idea goes to athletes. Find a professional athlete, like a Louisville City soccer player or a college football player and do the same thing, an adjustment for exposure and a testimonial. Those stars will almost always have a large following of interested people and a testimonial from them could easily show people how effective you are.

The only other ways to get traffic from potential customers is ads. Use ads that only pay when you get a click. That way you are not paying for an ad before it gives you a return! You pay when you get a lead! Facebook advertising is extremely effective at this and can be targeted to people who are interested. If you can leverage social media, you will succeed.

How to Get People To Do the Exchange

Now you all are going to ask, well how do I go about getting them to do it for me? Simple, follow their pages – start gaining a small meaningless relationship with them, commenting and liking their posts, and then approach them with the opportunity. Do not just send them an email. You have to sell them on the opportunity – follow up. Call them, offer to meet up and treat them to lunch. Ask open ended questions: When would be the best time to meet up for lunch?

If you need any help getting people to agree and meet up with you, that is why I am here.

My goal is to help the average small business gain customers. I have been helped by many of you and I know how amazing you can be although you are drowning in the business of your large competitors. My goal is to get you on their level.


Call me at 502-608-7389 for anything


Marketing Lessons from Security: Cameras

Marketing Lessons from Security: Cameras

The next series of blogs will be a number of lessons about marketing coming from a security point of view.

So lets start with one of the first things people think about when they think security – security cameras.
In one location in my career, I had over 360 cameras – 32 of which were Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras. These are literally cameras that can be controlled with a joystick while watching them on a monitor.

I would ask some people how many cameras they think I had and it would usually be a guess of around 20 or 30. Either way, can you think of a place that would have blind spots with over 360 cameras?! That is incredible and insane, but it was also a facility with over 220,000 square feet and a ton of angles.

Everything can pertain to marketing, as does security and almost any mindset from security. So what can security cameras teach you about marketing?

You want your grubby hands in everything, but there are always things that will be unexpected – that you didn’t see coming. When it comes to social media marketing, you want to be on every beneficial social media channel. Your goal is to increase your exposure with your potential customers. You need your hands in everything social media related. You have to go to your customers, they are not going to come to you!

What a security expert can teach you about advertising

What a security expert can teach you about advertising

My name is Mitch, I am the owner of The Social Hawk – a social media marketing agency.
I come from a background in security, ever since I was a kid. My father was a security director for North America for a large company and taught me since a young age how to succeed in security. This included teaching me how to interview suspects, how to minimize safety incidents, and how to save unnecessary expenses.

I have made my way up in the ranks, starting as a security guard, getting a degree in Homeland Security, to a series of events and jobs leading to at the age of 23 becoming security director for the contiguous United States at a large retailer. When you work security in retail, it is almost entirely about money. Although safety is important, everything can be simplified to money. For example:

  • Decrease of safety incidents results in a decrease of workers’ compensation and paid time off
  • Decrease in shoplifting directly results in saved money
  • Better cash handling processes increases the profitability of a company
  • Better receiving processes reduces the money lost on inbound shipments
  • Decrease of lawsuits results in a decrease of legal expenses

What I focus on is called “shrink” and profitability. Is the company maintaining its profits and reducing what is called shrink. Shrink is basically the loss of merchandise or cash due to a number of factors. A company can only have more money based on two theories:

  1. Make more money
  2. Lose less money

The easiest of the two is the latter. Cut your expenses. You already know what your expenses are and most likely can figure out where you are losing money; or where there is not a return on investment (ROI). My job has always been proving an ROI; from installing a new security device to reduce shoplifters to changing a policy to increase the safety levels in the company – my main goal was to prove an ROI. So think really hard right now, are you getting an ROI from your advertising methods? Do you even know? Think about that for a second, do you even know how much your advertising campaign is giving back to you? If I had to guess, most companies have absolutely no idea how much their marketing campaign is making them.

So lets start thinking of advertising totally different than normal. Instead of thinking optimistically how much money advertising can make you – think of how much money you can save with social media marketing. We can actually prove an ROI, show how many customers we are bringing you, and even show how much money we are bringing in. Instead of the normal advertising or marketing company, our goal is not to make a buck or try to get you more money. Our goal is bilateral – make you the most money while costing you the least, or in other words – provide the highest ROI you can find.

Who doesn’t want to make more money and lose less? Nobody.

So if you are looking into making more money and losing less – let us help and sign up for our free business audit at:

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